"VR Studio" rules and regulations

1. By making a booking and/or starting to use the shared equipment customer states that he has read "VR Studio" rules and regulations and accepts them.
2. If customer is late less than 15 minutes, his booked VR set will wait for him, but time of its usage may be shorter.
3. If customer is late more then 15 minutes, his booked VR set may be taken by another awaiting client.
4. If customer's visit is interrupted by a hardware failure or any other fault of the "VR Studio" staff member, customer has right to prolong his visit respectively.
5. "VR Studio" services may be used by:
a. People age 16+ on their own on thier their own sole responsibility.
b. People age 10-16 in the presence of their adult tutor on his/her sole reponsibility.
6. Using the shared hardware is not recommended to people who experienced (a) convulsions, (b) epilepsy episodes, (c) people with mental disorders, (d) heart disorders and (e) pregnant women.
8. On the "VR Studio" premises it is forbidden to eat meals, smoke cigarettes, use alcohol or any drugs.
9. "VR Studio" staff may refuse to serve customer and ask him to leave the presmises if his behavior indicates the use of alcohol or drugs.
10. "VR Studio" staff may refuse to serve customer and ask him to leave the presmises if a customer is not following their requests.
11. When noticed any disturbing symptoms customer should immediately stop using the hardware and inform the staff.
12. Customer can test his own games or simulations having prior acceptance from the "VR Studio" staff.
13. Any material damages which are a result of using hardware contrary to the regulations are a responsibility of a customer.
14. All the people staying on the "VR Studio" premises are obliged to follow the "VR Studio" rules and regulations.
15. "VR Studio" is not responsible for any things left by customers.
15. "VR Studio" is not responsible for any complications resulting from using the shared hardware.
17. „VR Studio” is owned by a company VRMANIA Andrzej Król.
18. Please direct any suggestions, complains or requests to biuro@vrstudio.pro.

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 15 - 22
Saturday - Sunday: 11 - 22